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Plasma Skin Tightening



Plasma Skin Tightening (also called Fibroblasting) is a low-risk, non-invasive skin treatment that decreases the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles.  It can also improve the tone and texture of skin. It is a very effective, less expensive and safer alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures.  


Plasma is one of the states of matter (the others being gas, liquids and solids). During a Plasma Skin Tightening treatment, plasma is created by electricity generated by an extremely accurate hand-held device that ionizes with oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create a plasma arc. Think of this arc as being like a lightning bolt. When this lightning bolt hits the skin, it vaporizes liquid in the skin at the point of contact. The area around that point of contact tightens and shrinks. This energy, which stimulates fibroblasts, affects the deeper layers decreasing wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin.  As those fibroblasts stimulate collagen formation, it can take a few months to see full affect from your Plasma Skin Tightening treatment. The number of treatments needed are based on many factors which we go over at your consultation.  You should expect to do 1-3 treatments to reach desired (realistic) goals.

Plasma Skin Lifting Consultation $35 (required)

We must perform a Skin Analysis and Consultation to ensure you are a candidate for Plasma.  If you are not a candidate we will discuss alternative treatments that can be just as effective. We will discuss the areas of concern and realistic expectations of what this service can do for you.  We will discuss what you need to do to prepare for your treatment, what to expect during your treatment, post care instructions as well as take pictures of the areas to be treated.   Please give us a call 541-245-9334 or email us at if you have any questions or concerns before making your appointment.

Pricing Guidelines **

  • Brow Lift  $300 **   

  • Forehead $500 **

  • Frown Lines (11's) $300 **

  • Upper Eye Lids $600 **

  • Crows Feet $400 **    

  • Under Eyes $600 **

  • Ear Crease $300 **

  • NasoLabial Fold (smile lines) $300 **

  • Cheeks $1000 **

  • Upper or Lower Lip $400 **

  • Lower Lip w/ Chin $600 **

  • Marionette Lines $300 **

  • Mouth (Upper/Lower Lip, Chin) $1000 **

  • Neck $1500 **

  • Abdomen $1800 & up **

**These prices reflect "starting prices".  After analysis and consultation full price of treatment area(s) will be determined.  These prices are to give you an idea of cost. Number of treatments is determined at consultation.

Before & After Pictures 

Mouth - Goal - Improve sagging/wrinkles.

Upper lip - much less creasing.  Smile lines - significant decrease in wrinkling.  Overall plumping

of skin as collagen has formed to smooth and soften. This is 2 Plasma Treatments spaced over a 

1 year period of time.    **Individual Results Vary.

Plasma Skin Tightening mouth lip lines
Plasma Skin Tightening mouth smile lines

Upper Lids - Goal - Lift and Increase Symmetry.

Left Lid - Decreased  and Smoothed Lid Tissue. Mild Lift

Right Lid - Decreased and Smoothed Lid Tissue.  Moderate Lift with Lid No Longer Touching Lashes.

**Individual Results Vary.

Plasma Skin Tightening Eyelids

Chin - Goal - Soften Deep Lines and Improve Texture.

Significant improvement to deeper lines and texture.

**Individual Results Vary.

Plasma Skin Tightening Mouth
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