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Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling CIT derma rolling
Microneedling CIT derma rolling
Microneedling CIT derma rolling
Microneedling CIT derma rolling

Know the Facts



Many refer to this treatment as CIT as Micro-Needling, Derma-Rolling or Dermal Needling.  It is a treatment that involves a device that creates thousand of micro-channels in the skin.

This "injury" is used to induce regeneration via the wound healing cascade. 

Can your skin benefit from Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) -

Do you have any of these skin issues?

~ Wrinkles

~ Premature Aging

~ Laxity & Thin Skin

~UV Damage



~ Poor Texture

~ Scars (acne or other causes)

~ Stretch Marks

What makes CIT different than other rejuvenation treatments?

The epidermis (outermost layer of skin) is preserved and thickened over time.  This literally improves the health of your skin.  It is the regenerative healing of this treatment which stimulates natural collagen to form.  Improvement is progressive in nature which puts no limit on how many treatments you can have. Minimally invasive and no "down-time".  Imperative that proper products are used before, during and after treatment. Results rival laser resurfacing.  

What is the difference between "Home Cosmetic Rolling"  and "CIT"?

Home Cosmetic Rolling-

~ Done at home - once a week to every day

~Depth is .2mm to .3 mm

~ Increases product penetration up to 80%

~Stimulates Growth Factors

~Improves skin health & appearance

~Does NOT stimulate the wound healing cascade or collagen

~ Great for Face, Neck & Chest

Collagen Induction Therapy-

~ Done only in a clinic/physicians office every 4 - 8 weeks

~Depth is .5mm and deeper

~Infuses Stem Cells & Hyaluronic Acid into skin via AnteAGE® microneedling solution

~Stimulates collagen via the wound healing cascade

~Improves skin health & appearance

~ Improves the above mentioned skin conditions

~ Can isolate deeper wrinkles and scars to improve appearance

~ Great for almost any part of the body


Face or Neck or Chest Only $275

(Series of 4 $935 - 4 wks apart)

Face & Neck $325

(Series of 4 $1105 - 4 wks apart)

Face & Neck & Chest $375

(series of 4 $1275 - 4 wks apart)

**Other areas of the body as well as targeting specific wrinkles

and/or scars will be quoted on an individual basis.


~ To book a consultation ($50) click the Book Now button.  If you would like your first visit to include your micro-needling treatment, please contact the office directly at 541-245-9334.




Required products-

~ Quality cleanser, moisturizer and UV protection.

~ Start on a topical Vitamin A Serum and Vitamin C.

 Serum 2-4 weeks prior to your first treatment.

Strongly Recommended-

~ AnteAGE® MD Skin Care System w/ Stem Cytokines™


AnteAGE® MD w/ Stem Cytokines™

Two-part system :

Serum (1) -  Restores your skin's ability to heal itself.  Quickly absorbs utilizing nanotechnology  to deliver a powerhouse of physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™, Potent Peptides, and Protective Antioxidants.

Accelerator (2) - Rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives.  It also created a barrier to keep the serum ingredients locked in and effective. 


MD Serum & Accelerator Kit (45-75 day supply) $249.00

Why is AnteAGE® MD w/ Stem Cytokines™ so important in the micro-needling process?  There is a very in-depth scientific explanation. We will skip that part.  We want to induce the denturing of collagen that is soft, supple, supportive and smooth.  In essence -  non-inflammatory and natural.  When there is inflammation present we get cicatricial, "scar-collagen" which is often seen with thermal injury (laser resurfacing) to the skin.  This product helps to decrease chronic inflammation in the skin, if used daily. Chronic inflammation can be caused from a number of things including sun exposure and toxins. It is associated with aging, cancer, fibrosis and hyper/hypo pigmentation.  The collagen in the chronically inflamed skin can become stiff and inelastic.  We want to signal new collagen to form without the inflammation.

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Vampire Facials

Micro-Needling w/ PRP

PRP is blood (your own) which is drawn then spun down in a centrifuge.  The red blood cells are separated from your plasma.  The plasma is then  introduced to your skin via a facial or micro-needling.  The biggest issue with PRP is that is is highly inflammatory.  So it does not make sense to induce injury which starts the inflammation cascade, then add more inflammation with the platelet rich plasma.  It does stimulate growth factors which are essential in healing.  We want to keep inflammation to a minimum so your skin creates nice, healthy, non-inflammatory collagen. This is not a service that I offer here nor plan to in the future.

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