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Clinical Peels


Our intense regenerative peels range from progressive to mid-depth (but staying within the upper epidermis).  Each individual will have a thorough skin analysis and we will discuss at length what peel protocol would be best for your skin type and skin care goals.  We will then put together a treatment program that includes a series of peels, timeline of the peels as well as products that compliment your peel series. We do require a post peel kit ($73) to be purchased with your peel series which does include SPF.   These kits help with the "healing and Peeling" phase of your treatment and is imperative for cellular support and regeneration.


If you are interested in scheduling a peel, please call for a Skin Consultation Appointment ($40) or you may book your own appointment online via our Book Now link.  We look forward to working with you and your skin!



3D Smart Peel Series
Resurfacing Solutions the Lira Clinical Way. Introducing the Smart Peel System that incorporates a progressive resurfacing treatment series designed to get results in a shorter period, with no downtime for an active lifestyle. This series includes 3 peels and your post peel skincare kit ($73 value).
Correct, Brighten and Hydrate.
Series of 3 $375 (Face, Neck & Chest)
Series of 3 $300 (Face only)

Progressive Peels


This refers to a treatment that does not result in immediate exfoliation and only removes the outermost layer of the epidermal skin.  As treatments are repeated your skin will experience additional sloughing and a newer, brightened complexion will emerge.  Not every skin type needs extensive peeling or can tolerate it.  These are considered a no "down" time peel.  The purpose of a progressive peel is to nourish and treat the skin from the inside out.   These are generally done weekly in a series of 4, 6, 8 or however many are needed.

Aggressive-Progressive Peels


This refers to a treatment that causes light to moderate exfoliation 2-3 days post application.  There will be medium to heavy flaking and/or peeling.  Still within the upper layers of the epidermal skin and considered a peel with no "down" time.  The purpose of this peel is to gently expose the fresh new layers of skin for a brighter tone and texture.  These peels are generally done every 2 weeks in a series of 4 or 6 or can be done to prep your skin for mid-depth peels.  

Mid-Depth Peels


This refers to a treatment that causes a moderate to significant exfoliation about 4-7 days post application.  There will be  heavy flaking and peeling, but they are still considered a peel with very little "down" time.  Still staying within the upper layers of the epidermis these peels are used for skin issues that may need more exfoliation initially such as hyperpigmentation and acne scars.  These peels generally require a series of progressive or aggressive-progressive peels initially, then they can be done monthly until desired results are achieved.

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