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 Lira Corrective Facial Treatments

YOUR Skin Is OUR Specialty!


  All NEW facial clients must have a skin analysis and consultation with their first facial service.

All Corrective Facial Treatment clients MUST be on a skin prepping product at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment.  Skin prepping product is determined on an individual basis.   


You are a NEW facial client if-

~ You have never been here before.   ~You have never had a facial service with us before.

~ It has been over 1 year since your last facial service.

Your Skin Analysis and Consultation gives us the opportunity to learn about the skin care products you are currently using, your skin concerns and what your skin care goals are.   We will analyze your skin noting tone, texture, abnormalities and general health of your skin.  We will discuss with you our findings and make recommendations for professional products and treatments that will fit with your lifestyle and skin care goals.  We want to customize a plan that is perfect for you!

Skin Analysis and Consultation $40

If you would like to schedule a Corrective Facial Treatment, please contact our office by calling 541-245-9334 to schedule your Skin Analysis and Consultation.  At that appointment we will determine which treatment would be best for your skin type/goals and get you started on the proper prepping products.

Mystiq Elite Treatment

Illuminate your skin with an elite treatment that will lift, brighten and tighten.  The Mystiq line of products features a magical ingredient called Mastiha, a resin from the mastic tree.  It is sourced from the Greek island of Chios.  This age-old ingredient restores, repairs and brightens.  Great for fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

$115 Face Only

$25 - Add on Neck & Chest

**Upgrade w/ Green Power Rebuilder  $15 Face Only  $25 Neck & Chest

Lira Lux Treatment

 Luxurious ingredients complete this treatment. Refine tone and texture, lighten photodamage/pigmentation and lift impurities.  Mineral Retinol is the heavy hitter in this treatment with a finishing dose of cell repairing Caviar Creme.

Great for all skin types needing repair and hydration.

$115 Face Only

$25 - Add on Neck & Chest

Pumpkin Probiotic Treatment

 Refreshing, restorative treatment that invigorates all skin types. Pumpkin Enzyme is the star here with many supporting ingredients such as peptides, pomegranate, Vitamin C, edelweiss and alpha hydroxy acids. 

Great for skin that needs gentle rejuvenation with probiotic support.

$115 Face Only

$25 - Add on Neck & Chest

Brightening Plus Treatment

Alpha hydroxy acids, kojic acid, phytic acid and hydrating minerals will correct, lighten and plump the skin.  This treatment features an abundance of skin lightening ingredients as well as peptides and plant stem cells to balance out this treatment. 

Great start for skin types that need pigmentation correction.

$115 Face Only

$25 - Add on Neck & Chest

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